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    Latest news and updates......

    More than 200 different objects is shown here right now, and I have some 200 more to show you so far. Everything takes time and I'll try to use the little spare time I have to add one object a week. 

    2023-06-20 It was a long time since I updated the 12,7x81SR, so time now to add the AP round.
    2023-06-13 A nice box of 7,62x51 Long Range ammunition produced in Sweden in 2013
    2023-06-06 A MEN produced box of 5,56x45 from 2017, containing a more environmental friendly training ammunition.
    2023-05-30 Following up on last weeks box with the ammunition itself, a reduced range 7,62x51
    2023-05-23 A box of reduced range training 7,62x51 is not a normal sight.
    2023-05-16 Time for a good old box of 9x20 mobilization ammunition.
    2023-05-16 Following up with a second 9x20 bow, this time with a minor difference in the spelling of "Småfelspatron", now as "Småfelspatr".
    2023-05-16 Much is happening, so now I was a bit left behind again. Will do three at a time to catch up, all 9x20, one of my favorite calibers. Starting out with an "Småfelspatr" box.
    2023-04-25 Experimental cartridges and boxes are always intresting. Here are a box of 7,62x51 blanks model "B".
    2023-04-18 I am happy to show you a early box of m/39B ammunition, packed in the old 50 round box.