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    IDnumber: 40

    This is a box of German produced 9x19 ammunition imported to Sweden in about1939-1941, together with the Walter P38 pistols that is designated Pistol m/39 in Sweden.

    IDnumber: 208

    This box is imported in early 1940 and is produced by Winchester in USA. The loads is "full patched" and that means that they are "hotter" loaded than usual and are only to be used in submachine guns.

    IDnumber: 20

    This box has probably had a glued on lable on top of the visible print on the box. The year 1942 is pre printed But the date and batch data is missing.
    This early box reads: 
    9mm live pistol cartridges m/39 
    Ammunition factory Marieberg /(19)42 
    Manufacturing day: [missing date]42

    IDnumber: 21

    This box is the same kind as above, but has a label on the box instead of the text printed directly on.
    It reads:
    9mm live pistol cartridges m/39
    Ammunition factory 31 (Svensk Tändsticks AB Jönköping.) /(19)42
    Manufacturing day 28 of May 42

    IDnumber: 33

    This blue labeled box 9x19 ammunition is containing 50 pcs of live ammunition of less good quality. The label says to use it for peace time shooting only. The box is of batch 1 in 1942 and is manufactured by Svenska metallverken.

    IDnumber: 206

    This is an imported box of 9x19 ammunition produced by Sako, Finland, in 1942. I can only guess that the box was imported to Sweden the same year.

    IDnumber: 231

    This is the third type of lable I found from 1942. It differs from the rest in al means and has a font and font size I have not seen later or before.
    It has ben produced 16th of October 1942 at the A.B. Svenska Metallverken. Västerås.

    From Privat collector

    IDnumber: 318

    This box might not be in such a nice condition, but scarce at it is, it is wonderful. It is a blue labeled box of 9x19 of lower quality production, a only for training, or only for peace time shooting. It is produced 19th of February 1942.

    Courtecy Peter D collection

    IDnumber: 24

    This is a box for the m/39E ammunition. The m/39E has a steel case and has a shorter storage time than the normal ammunition. So this box has an extra text that states “Use before 1/10 1944.”
    So the storage capacity is put to about one year after manufacturing.
    From Rude of Åtvidaberg collection.

    IDnumber: 22

    Now we have moved forward to 1944, and the box has a image of the cartridge printed on the label.
    This box is manufactured in 22 of August, 1944 by Marieberg factory.

    IDnumber: 23

    This is the last of the m/39 types of boxes. It is made in Karlsborg in 1954

    IDnumber: 35

    This became a mid-period box. It is a box of 36 PCS of m/39 9x19 ammunition loaded on a charger. The ammunition was soon to be changed to the m/39B ammunition. This box is manufactured in 1956 by Norma projektilfabrik

    IDnumber: 316

    This early box of m/39B ammunition is based on a standard m/39 box of 36 rounds and then rubber stamped with a "B".
    It is manufactured by Karlsborg ammunitionsfabrik in 1958.

    Courtesy Morten Stoen collection.

    IDnumber: 353

    This box of 9x19 m/39B is a odd one. As a standard, the ammunition were delivered in the boxes of 36 rounds on stripper clips. It is only the early test cartridges found in boxes of 50. This is a box for a standard m/39 round with the "B" added with s rubber stamp. The production were made at Karlsborgs ammunitions fabrik in 1961, a early year in this cartridges existence but still some years after introduction in around 1955.

    IDnumber: 340

    This is a paper wrapped package containing six boxes of 9x19 m/39B.

    The label is translated as:

    Explosive goods
    216 pcs
    9 mm ball m/39 B on charger
    LOT : 07066041
    This ammunition is to be kept
    Locked away
    And if possible, in a moist free place
    The package might not be opened
    and used except on mobilisation or on order.

    The ammunition is from 1966, and are manufactured by 070, Karlsborgs ammunitionsfabrik(Vanäsverken).

    IDnumber: 28

    This is the classic box of framed m/39B ammunition. It can be found with some small differences to the image. It has been unchanged in layout for all times.

    IDnumber: 30

    The "ptrlåda 402B" holds 864 rounds of 9mm m/39B, packed in 2 plastic bags holding 432 rounds. Each plastic bag contains 12 boxes of ammunition containing 36 rounds each.
    The same box and bags are also used for 9mm blank and gallery practice ammunition.

    The picture is taken by Bengt Pettersson.

    IDnumber: 31

    One of the two plastic bags from "ptrlåda 402B".

    The picture is taken by Bengt Pettersson.

    Copyright © 2000 Chris
    The Swedish military ammunition site

    Pcs published: 18