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  • 7,62x51

    IDnumber: 103

    The blanks is always packed in boxes of 20 pcs in a fully red coloured box.

    From Rude of Ă…tvidaberg collection.

    IDnumber: 356

    This is a good experimental round. The projectile on these model "B" is made not of wood, but the same plastic used in the Swedish 9x19 blanks. Please refer to the section blanks, ID 168 to see the cartridge.

    Courtesy Pinge collection

    IDnumber: 66

    The blanks for the sniper PSG90 is packed in a different type of box than usual. The cartridges is produced by bakkelitt fabrikken in Norway. The box is a "drawer" type, opening on either side.

    IDnumber: 296

    The earlier box of PSG ammunition were delivered in a box of 20 pieces. This box from 2011 is for 50 pieces.

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    The Swedish military ammunition site

    Pcs published: 4