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    Well, some collect stamps and other collects other things. I collect information about ammunition. I started out with collecting cases and got curious about how many types of ammunition that's been and is being used in the Swedish defense. These pages is probably never going to be complete, thinking of how many types of ammunition has been used and is in use today. That is partly why it's so interesting. It's always something new around the corner!

    You might wonder why I am not collecting ammunition now when I have an interest in it? It's because in Sweden I would need a permit from the police, as for weapons. Ok, I can probably get it if I really get into it, but I reckon that I am a bit lazy. I will probably solve it one day so I can collect in an ordinary fashion. Until that it will be my way to collect. 

    This page will be updated whenever it gives something to me. Take it as it comes.



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