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    Well, "everybody" has to, don't they? Here is my favourite links that I recommend you to bookmark right away!
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    The Swedish military message board This is the forum for Swedish weapons that i use to check out regularly. Covers everything about Swedish arms and ammunition.
    FMV Försvarets materialverks page about all the new things they are working with. Here you have a lot of good information of both weapons and ammunition.
    House of Karlina Dutchman's page about the Swedish Mauser rifles and everything around it. This is as close to a database you get!
    SARA Scandinavian Ammunition Research Association is a Nordic ammunition collectors organization. The page is in Norwegian only :-(
    NAMMO Nordic ammunition company. This is the manufacturer of military ammunition in all calibre's in the Nordic countries.
    Russian ammo This is Chris site about east block ammunition, mainly above 12,7mm. It has loads of good information and unique pictures And don't forget to check out the link page....
    110 years of 7,62x54R This is Gene Whitehead´s page about the 7,62x54R ammunition. It is good and informative with a lot of pictures.
    SoldF This is a site in Swedish about modern Swedish weapons and material. 
    Bakelittfabrikken Bakelittfabrikken A/S. This is the manufacturer of the Swedish 7,62x51 blank sniper ammunition, and more.
    SVEVAP SVEVAP is one of the largest collectors organisations in Sweden.
    Göta vapensällskap This is the secont large collectors organisations in Sweden.
    7.62 X 51 MM NATO STRIPPER CLIPS This is a site by Kevin covering 7,62x51 mm NATO stipper clips and more. Very informative and precise, much details and pictures. A page fully in my taste.
    Swedish helmets This site is dedicated to the Swedish military helmets and its developments.
    Rudes homepage This is Rudes page about militaria, both Swedish and international with a lot of things to look through. Rude has sponsored me with a lot of images for my page, and here he presents more than I have published and a lot of other fun things to look at.



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