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    Well, "everybody" has to, don't they? Here is my favourite links that I recommend you to bookmark right away!
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    The Swedish military message board This is the forum for Swedish weapons that i use to check out regularly. Covers everything about Swedish arms and ammunition.
    FMV Försvarets materialverks page about all the new things they are working with. Here you have a lot of good information of both weapons and ammunition.
    SARA Scandinavian Ammunition Research Association is a Nordic ammunition collectors organization. The page is in Norwegian only :-(
    NAMMO Nordic ammunition company. This is the manufacturer of military ammunition in all calibre's in the Nordic countries.
    110 years of 7,62x54R This is Gene Whitehead´s page about the 7,62x54R ammunition. It is good and informative with a lot of pictures.
    SoldF This is a site in Swedish about modern Swedish weapons and material. 
    Bakelittfabrikken Bakelittfabrikken A/S. This is the manufacturer of the Swedish 7,62x51 blank sniper ammunition, and more.
    SVEVAP SVEVAP is one of the largest collectors organisations in Sweden.
    Göta vapensällskap This is a fantastic collector's organisation in Sweden. A lot of really informative articles to be found here.
    Rudes homepage This is Rudes page about militaria, both Swedish and international with a lot of things to look through. Rude has sponsored me with a lot of images for my page, and here he presents more than I have published and a lot of other fun things to look at.



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