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    More than 200 different objects is shown here right now, and I have some 200 more to show you so far. Everything takes time and I'll try to use the little spare time I have to add one object a week. 

    2018-06-19 This is a bit of a odd 8x63, with just one groove in the case.
    2018-06-12 This 8x58RD blank is quite exciting in many ways. First of all, the case is quite early with a year of 1892, and the projectile seems not to of been painted.
    2018-06-05 I have been looking for this 7,62x54R inert round for several years. It is quite ugly and looks a bit different than the ordinary inert rounds of Sweden.
    2018-05-29 Time for the oldest 6,5x55 box I have seen until now, blanks from 1897.
    2018-05-22 Another 9x20 box, a early production.
    2018-05-15 Norway has mainly been a supplier of the 50BMG ammunition, but they supplied 7,62x51 tracers already in 1968.
    2018-05-08 The 9x20 boxes is found in really many verisions, and revisions. I also love the rubber stamps used, this time it is all about "Lösa kulor"
    2018-05-01 This week I follow up with the second type of trial spitzer projectiles in 6,5x55, the model fm/13.
    2018-04-24 This fantastic round is the trial model of 1906, 6,5x55 fm/06 spitzer projectile.
    2018-04-17 The earliest production of 9x20 in Sweden were from 1910-1911, so the first years were imported. Here is a original FN box of 1908.