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    Latest news and updates......

    More than 200 different objects is shown here right now, and I have some 200 more to show you so far. Everything takes time and I'll try to use the little spare time I have to add one object a week. 

    2018-02-20 This is a bit of an unusual imported box of 7,62x51, from MAN in Germany.
    2018-02-13 This is a real odd ball. A box of 7,62x51 ball on stripper clip.
    2018-02-06 Time for a ascarce box of 6,5x55, the box of High Pressure rounds.
    2018-01-30 A late style of 50 PCS of blank ammunition for the PSG90 system
    2018-01-23 Here it the last box of 9x19 tracers for now, the m/68B
    2018-01-16 A second box of 9x19 tracers, a m/67
    2018-01-09 I have had the opportunity to come over some boxes of 9x19 tracers. Here is a first of them, a m/68.
    2018-01-01 I have been on the way to restart publishing objects again, but have been hampered by lack of time and other obstructions. And now, on Oct 19th worst thing ever happened. My dear old friend Bengt "Benke" Pettersson died after a short time of illness. #Fuck cancer. I cannot put words on my feelings, it is still difficult to take in. There is nothing good enough to start with to honour Benke, so I have picked something I believe could be in his taste at least. The story behind the development of the submachine gun m/45 revision B. (The link does not work, please go to the menue "Article" to read the story).
    2017-06-21 7,62x51 short range training rounds is seen now and then. Here is a fine box for the same. This will be the last object in this series of continues updates. Now it is time to prepare for midsummer this Friday. I'll be back soon enough as I still have a lot of objects and info half prepared. I wish you all a really good midsummer! //Chris
    2017-06-20 Here is another nice 7,5 mm Nagant box, with asomewhat odd pattern on the box.