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    Latest news and updates......

    More than 200 different objects is shown here right now, and I have some 200 more to show you so far. Everything takes time and I'll try to use the little spare time I have to add one object a week. 

    2018-08-14 Continuing on the 8x57 IS track, here is the ammo crate for the second order of ammunition.
    2018-08-07 A new month, and the time for a good and solid update in several ways. I have put my teeth in the "8mm Tysk", the 7,92x57 used in Sweden during the second world war. I have updated the ingress, the texts of the two rounds and also added a selection of boxes. The boxes is to be found under the ammunition, a new initiative to pull in and consolidate ammo and boxes as all texts tends to be more and more nested together as one story. There will be some additional items added the comming weeks, I have been lucky to receive some extra pictures in the mail from a fellow collector.
    2018-07-31 Jumping to a late production of box, and a new type of 7,62x51. It is a box of "B" revision ammunition of 2009.
    2018-07-24 This is the oldest 9x20 I have in my collection. It is manufactured by FN in 1908, so well after the introduction of the m/07 pistol and well before the first to me known in country production of 1910-1911.
    2018-07-17 Thus might just be the first standard box of 9x19 m/39B ammunition. It is based on the predecessor box, and has the "B" prefix added with a stamp.
    2018-07-10 Continuing with the track of inert rounds, time for a late box of 9x20 rounds.
    2018-07-03 It is not often you come across a box of inert rounds, any types. Here is a nice 6,5x55 m/19.
    2018-06-26 Revisions were made all the time, and here is a lovely box of inert 8x63 with handwritten text of the action.
    2018-06-19 This is a bit of a odd 8x63, with just one groove in the case.
    2018-06-12 This 8x58RD blank is quite exciting in many ways. First of all, the case is quite early with a year of 1892, and the projectile seems not to of been painted.