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    Latest news and updates......

    More than 200 different objects is shown here right now, and I have some 200 more to show you so far. Everything takes time and I'll try to use the little spare time I have to add one object a week. 

    2018-10-16 A quick one, a 7,62x51 produced by MEN in Germany.
    2018-10-09 You can never become tired of the 7,62x51 boxes, here is a almost mythical one for the ammunition PRICK.
    2018-10-02 Now it is due for a scarce oldie again, the 11mm blank for the revolver m/1871
    2018-09-25 Let us go back in time again, to last century. Time for a 11 mm cartridge for the M/84 revolver.
    2018-09-18 The blank 6,5x55 m/17 is the newest cartridge in the Swedish defence. This week it is time for the cartridge itself.
    2018-09-11 The 6,5x55 blank m/17 is the latest contribution to the range of Swedish ammunition.
    2018-09-04 This is the last update for now of the 8mm Tysk streak of info. It is the Swedish produced box, a one of a kind to my knowledge.
    2018-08-28 I have the luck to of been provided these nice pictures of the 1500 round crate for the 8mm Tysk from the second order.
    2018-08-21 I will follow up on the 8x57 IS track with the Czech labeled box from the first order.