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  • 7,62x51

    Model7,62 mm sk ptr 10 prj
    Projectile formTorpedo
    Projectile weight9,5 Gram
    Projectile materialTombac jacket, led and antimony core.*
    Projectile typeBall
    Colour markings-
    V0 mps785 mps
    V0 fps-
    PropellantNC1055 or Åkb 113
    Propellant weight Gram2,9 Gram
    Propellant weight Grain-
    *About the projectiles material; the jacket was changed 1980 from tombac plated steel to solid tombac. There are two reasons for changing the jackets material. Firstly, the quality in production of the tombac jacket is higher than the quality of the steel jacket. That leads to a better precision for the ammunition. But the main reason for the change is that the tombac jacked bullet wears less on the barrel of the gun. The drawback is a higher price of the ammunition. The velocity figures differs quite much depending of what weapon is used:
    AK 4 gives ca 790 mps v0
    KSP 58 gives 830 mps v0
    PSG 90 gives 900 mps v0

    Model7,62 mm Sk Ptr 10 PRICK
    Projectile form-
    Projectile weight3,4 Gram
    Projectile materialTungsten
    Projectile typeBall
    Colour markings-
    V0 mps1340 mps
    V0 fps-
    Propellant weight Gram-
    Propellant weight Grain-
    This is the Swedish defenses ammunition for PSG 90. It will increase the range from 800 meters to 1000 meters, one shot, one kill. The projectile is sub caliber and has a diameter of 4,81 mm. It’s kept in a sabot made of plastic and aluminum that releases from the projectile after it left the barrel.
    The ammunition is made in USA by Winchester, and is a development of Winchesters SLAP (Sabot light armor piercing) ammunition. The development is much around the sabot to make the ammunition more accurate. 1998 Winchester got a order for one million rounds.
    I would like to give a big thanks to Morten Støen for these pictures and for good additional information!

    Model7,62/10B NPTR
    Projectile form
    Projectile weight
    Projectile material
    Projectile typeBall
    Colour markings
    V0 mps
    V0 fps-
    Propellant weight Gram
    Propellant weight Grain-
    Sweden has of lately been importing ammunition from abroad, and here I have a German round produced by MEN in 2018.
    The ammunition is of "B" specification so the projectile is led free and the cartridge is of a more environmental friendly design.

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