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  • 45 ACP

    This ammunition has never been designated 45ACP in the Swedish army, but I use it here for the easiness of recognition.

    The 11mm Sub machine gun m/40 was an American Thomson M1921 altered to M1928A1, and the import were of only 500 PCS before the deliveries were stopped from the U.S.A.

    I have not found any evidence of a production of this ammunition in Sweden for military service which is quite understandable due to the limited numbers of weapons in use. I know though that the home guard that was issued the Thomson made additional orders of ammunition in later years.

    Sweden ordered 5.000.000 rounds of 11mm ammunition, but only 2.297.174 reached the final destination

    -The U.S.A army confiscated the production of 2.050.000, announced to the military HQ 11/1 1941.

    -650.000 PCS were lost with the torpedoing of the transport ship s/s Atos 3/8 1940.The ship had left the Glasgow harbor in UK heading for the Petsamo harbor in Finland when it happened.

    -2.826 PCS were damaged goods (there is 2.200 PCS per ammo crate m/98, 44 boxes a 50 cartridges) during the transport from Petsamo to Stockholm by truck through Petsamo-Rovaniemi-Haparanda-Boden to Stockholm. The shipping company claims that all the goods were in good shape at the unloading in Petsamo. From what I have heard, the ride per truck from Petsamo to Stockholm were really ruff, both with really bad roads and with the war going on in the same area of Northern Finland as the transport went through.

    I do not know for sure when the ammunition was phased out, but Johan K Persson has given me the following story: Johan's friend tried to buy the excess stock of .45 ACP ammunition from the Swedish defence in 1968, only to be told that the ammunition already was discontinued. The man's contact was his brother-in-law, sitting on a central position in the defence. The sad fact is that the ammunition was treated with the for the time common practice, so it was dumped in the Baltic Sea and the lake of Mälaren.