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  • 11x17

    The 11x17 revolver cartridge is a natural evolvment from the 11 mm pinfire cartridge. It is not a development in performance, only a leap in technology as the centrefire were developed, and was a much better cartridge type.

    The Earliest cartridges, the M/71 were produced by Jules Gevelot from Paris, and it has a two part primer, a 13 gr projectils and is loaded with 0,85 gr of powder. The parts in a m/71 cartridges consists of: outer case, bottom plate, inner case, pin, papper wadding, percussin cap. It is not know for me for how long time this cartridge were imported, or in what numbers.

    The Swedish made m/71 cartridges were of the same specification, even if the projectiles weight is specified to 13,2 gr. It is not know when Sweden started the local production.

    The first revolver to be adopted for the 11x17 centerfire cartridge is the Lefaucheux – manufactured by August Francotte of Liège, designated m/1871.

    The second revolver to use the cartridge is the converted m/1863 pinfire revolver, renamed m1863-79.

    The third revolver is the M/84 revolver for the marine. Yes, note the large "M" in the designation used for the marine, a kind of a separator between the marine and the rest of the troops.