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  • 6,5x55

    IDnumber: 99

    This is a pack of 100 PCS of 6,5x55 inert rounds manufactured in 1970 by Norma.

    From Rude of Ă…tvidaberg collection.

    IDnumber: 220

    To describe this best, it is a carton box with a piece of cast iron inside with a board of Masonite to stabilise one of the sides. The package weights and size is the same as a box of live ammunition. The green line over the label is to show that the material is for training, and that it is not containing any live objects.
    The intention is to use the ammunition box for trainings were the weight of ammunition is needed, and no live rounds to be present.
    This type of box can also be found in the caliber 9x19.

    From Rude of Ă…tvidaberg collection

    IDnumber: 321

    This is a unbroken box of 6,5x55 m/19 inert ammunition, produced by the Marieberg factory in 29th of December 1941.

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