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    IDnumber: 57

    In this box from 1974, the number of cartridges is increased to 20 PCS. It is a standard box of its time with a glued on red tag. This is produced by the Karlsborg factory.

    IDnumber: 106

    This box of m/14 blank 6,5x55 ammunition is a paper wrapped 10 pack with a glued on tag in red. The red color is to clearly show that the package contains blank ammunition. This package is manufactured by the Karlsborg factory in 1954.
    From Rude of Åtvidabergs collection.

    IDnumber: 107

    This is the final box of 6,5x55 blank, the box of 20 PCS. This one is produced in 1974 by Karlsborgs ammunition factory

    From Rude of Åtvidaberg collection

    IDnumber: 117

    This 10 pack of paper wrapped blank ammunition is manufactured in 1929. There is no indication of what factory that have produced it, and that is quite unusual for the time.
    Thanks to Rude of Åtvidaberg for the picture.

    IDnumber: 121

    This box of 10 PCS 6,5x55 blanks from 1972 is the last type of box before the change to 20PCS boxes. This paper box is colored red on all sides and the text is printed directly on the box. It is manufactured by the Karlsborg factory.
    From Rude of Åtvidabergs collection

    IDnumber: 192

    This is 10 paper wrapped pcs of blank 6,5x55 ammunition m/94. It is manufactured in 24:th of January 1917 in the Marieberg factory.

    IDnumber: 280

    This box contains 100 pcs of 6,5x55 blank ammunition m/14, clearly stated to be used in a machinegun. It is manufactured by Marieberg ammunitionsfabrik in 1941.

    Courtesy Rude of Åtvidaberg Collection.

    IDnumber: 320

    This is the first 6,5x55 box I have seen of this age. It is a box of 10 pcs of blank ammunition from 1897, manufactured by the Marieberg factory.
    The powder used is rifle exercise powder m/94.

    Courtecy AMF 30

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