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    IDnumber: 205

    This is a tracer training ammunition for övningsvapen 1 for the Pskott m/68. This box is produced by factory 586, Hirtenberger in Austria in 1978.
    The box has a drawer in white styrofoam.

    IDnumber: 286

    The tracer m/68 is originally produced in Austria, this is the m/68 B and it is produced in Sweden, and this box is produced in Karlsborgs ammunitionsfabrik in 1984.

    IDnumber: 287

    This ammunition is intended only for the training weapons system 1 for the recoilless Pskott m/68 (miniman). It is produced in Karlsborgs ammunitions fabrik in 1969.

    IDnumber: 288

    This tracer round is for the use in the GRG m/48 training system. It is produced in Karlsborg ammunitionsfabrik in 1991.

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