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  • 9x19

    IDnumber: 41

    This box is a bit of a historical document. It is produced in 1951 in Karksborg ammunition factory. After several incidents in 1954 were live ammunition were reported mixed in boxes with blank ammunition, a new routine were set up were all blank ammunition were to pass a radioactive isotope check. Even if no live were proven to of actually been found in the boxes, it seems that this box were recalled, tested in 1956 and the box is now added with the "X" showing it to of passed the x-ray check.

    IDnumber: 129

    This box of blanks is manufactured in 1955 in the Karlsborg factory. It contains 50 cases. The text on the box states "May only be used in weapond with blank fiering barrel and blank fiering device."
    From Rude of Ă…tvidaberg collection.

    IDnumber: 130

    This box is for 36pcs of m/39 blank ammunition on a stripper clip. The text on the box traslates to "Might only be used in weaponds with blank fiering barrel and blank fiering device"

    From Rude of Ă…tvidaberg Collection.

    IDnumber: 32

    This is the latest kind of blank 9x19. It contains 36 PCS of cartridges on a speed loading frame. This sample of box is manufactured by the Karlsborg factory in 1986.

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