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    IDnumber: 314

    This box of 10 pce live cartridges m/89 is manufactured in September 17 of 1897 in the Marieberg factory. What is extra interesting is that it is loaded with rifle powder 8mm model m/94.
    That is a interesting statement as it points at the introduction year of 1894 of the smokeless powder for the 8mm round, and it seems to differentiate from the rifle powder used in the 6,5x55 cartridges. I hope to find a written source one day showing the specifics.

    Courtecy Peter D of Öland

    IDnumber: 315

    This box of 10 pce 8mm ammunition is manufactured in October 1895 by the Karlsborg factory with projectiles from the Karlsborg ammunition fabrik and primers from "Htbg" (still to be interpreted, Hirtenberg?).
    The gunpowder is stated as "Hdgv" powder model fm(försöksmodell, trial model) 94.

    Courtecy Peter D of Öland Collection.

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