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  • 7,5 Nagant

    IDnumber: 250

    This box is of a French, or maybe Belgian production. There is no factory or manufacturing date on the box.

    From Rude of Ă…tvidaberg collection

    IDnumber: 271

    This butiful box of 7,5 mm Nagant ammunition has a printed pattern as if in a wooden box. This feels a bit odd in a military issue product. It is produced by Societe francaise des munitions and is according to the label for the Swedish revolver, not including the Norwegian revolver and that might point at a early production. My only guess about the nice wooden look is that the revolver were for officers for the earlier years, and officers did for sure like esthetically looking things.

    IDnumber: 274

    This box is difficult to put an age on, neither the box nor the cartridges is dated. One detail is that it is marked as for Swedish Nagant, and not in combination with Norway as most common, so I make the conclusion that it is probably a really early manufacturing year for this box.

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