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  • 7,62x51 Incendiary

    Model7,62/10 BRANDPRJ
    Projectile form
    Projectile weight
    Projectile material
    Projectile typeIncendiary
    Colour markingsOrange tip?
    V0 mps
    V0 fps-
    Propellant weight Gram
    Propellant weight Grain-
    The 7,62x51 incendiary were to be introduced in the 80th but was withdrawn in the last moment. The cartridge is to be found in the systematic catalog Ammunitionskatalog Systematisk förteckning 1988 M7779-900140 but fell on the goal line before it was fully accepted. When the new AMKAT catalog were on submission of comment,  the incendiary projectile was considered to violate the Haag 1899 convention when making a narrow judgment as the projectile would easily be deformed when hitting a human body.  The intention with the projectile were of cause to destroy equipment,  not for human targets. The main system the ammunition were intended for were the KSP's and PSG90 sniper rifle. The efficiency of the projectile is unknown to me, but I know that the developers of the PSG90 were very amused by using it to put the targets a flame. 
    The open space of incendiary ammunition were later on closed by the introduction of the 12,7x99 incendiary ammunition together with the AG90, a system truly used against materials only.
    I have not found any source of manufacture of the cartridge yet, but it is believed to be developed and manufactured outside of Sweden.  All remaining ammunition not used up in the trials is said to of been destroyed in the end of the 80th.
    This fantastic background information comes from Johan K Persson, earlier involved in the development of the PSG90 system, with added facts and assumptions from other sources.

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