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    Model11mm m/1871
    Projectile form-
    Projectile weight-
    Projectile materialLed
    Projectile typeBall
    Colour markings-
    V0 mps160 mps
    V0 fps-
    PropellantBlack powder
    Propellant weight Gram0,85 gram
    Propellant weight Grain-
    The later type of cartridge is center fired. It can be found with either the early 2 pcs case, or as this, the one pcs case. It is also made as a blank cartridge.
    Thanks to John Giles, California for this pictures!

    Model11mm M/84
    Projectile formOgival
    Projectile weight
    Projectile materialLed
    Projectile typeBall
    Colour markings-
    V0 mps-
    V0 fps-
    Propellant weight Gram
    Propellant weight Grain-
    This is the first cartridge used for the revolver M/1884 for the marine. The caliber is said to be 11,4 mm.
    The bottom stamps gives at hand that it is Gevelot in France who produced it. There is no data of the timeframe or numbers that were imported.
    The Gevelot cartridge were not rebought, instead the Kavaleries 11 mm cartridge were used instead.

    One of the original cartridges, with this headstamp, were erlier to be found at display at Marinmuseum in Stockholm.

    Revolver m/1871 för svenska kavalleriet by Arne Thell

    Copyright © 2000 Chris
    The Swedish military ammunition site

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